A lot of requests to re-up both volumes of this series. New links are active here and here.

7 Responses to “L.A. Burnout”

  1. I know I’ll be busting these out again once the snow starts to melt…

  2. “like” and “like”

  3. Thanks for this — and all your great posts. Been a fan of your blog for a while, it’s really fantastic.

  4. Really enjoying these as I drive by dirty snowbanks in Maine. Thanks

  5. […] reference to the LA Burnout comps last week, I was reminded of this Nancy Sinatra nugget found on the reissue of 1967′s […]

  6. […] Enjoy. […]

  7. […] you liked LA Burnout, you will love these: The LA Gemstones Compilations – Parts One and Two. Comprised of ten […]

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