Earlier this summer Sara from Hometapes and I drove up into the hills behind L.A.’s Griffith Park at dusk armed with a six pack of tallboys and a CD-R containing the upcoming, self-titled, Megafaun record. Never one to sit still, the band has once again turned yet another stylistic corner incorporating swaths of new sounds and influences. The results are a heady mix. I’ll try and steer away from gross hyperbole only to say the results are intoxicating. Earlier today the trio debuted the first taste from the LP, the track “These Words.” Polyrhythmic, electronic, ambient and textured, the track draws on field recordings collected from North Carolina to Bali. This is a record to get excited about. Look for it in stores September 20th.

MP3: Megafaun :: These Words

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  1. […] encounter the first of the album’s stylistic shifts, the polyrhythmic and electronic “These Words” — a song that employs field recordings collected from North Carolina to Bali. The […]

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