Leon Russell’s take on “If I Were A Carpenter” was laid down in a Nashville jam session in 1974 with a group of friends including fellow Oklahoman J.J. Cale. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say: can someone please release those sessions? Here, the self-described ‘master of space and time’ works up what might be my favorite version of the oft-covered standard—fooling with the lyrics a bit—turning the song into some sort of cosmic plea from a burnt out, acid casualty, rockstar from the 70s. As with everything the man touches, the results are just dripping with that Oklahoma soul only Leon can deliver.

MP3: Leon Russell :: If I Were A Carpenter

3 Responses to “Leon Russell :: If I Were A Carpenter”

  1. The greatest

  2. I love Leon. Saw him in 1970 live in NYC and have been hooked ever since.
    What more can I say…Love-If I were a Carpernter
    edgy/funky and funny

  3. I can’t get this to play on on my iPhone – but this song is included on Leon’s album Stop All That Jazz (I think that’s right).

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