In reference to a DJ set I did for Dublab a few weeks back, a number of folks have inquired as to the origins of the Ify Jerry Krusade’s “Everybody Likes Something Good” I included. So here you go. The track can most readily be found on the 2008 collection, Nigeria 70 – Lagos Jump — a compilation we discussed at length upon its 2008 release, here. Also, if you need a little more Ify Jerry in your life, and why shouldn’t you, “Nwantinti/Die Die” from the last time we featured the band is still live and can be found here. Highly recommended.

MP3: The Ify Jerry Krusade :: Everybody Likes Something Good

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  1. Thanks for this and everything else. Probably more excited when I see new AD posts in my reader than any other blog I visit

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  3. This Zilla Rocca song uses a nice sample of the Jerry Krusade song:

  4. “Nwantinti/Die Die” has been one of my absolute favorite songs to listen to this year, after hearing about it on this blog. The World Ends comp is amazing!

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