Tim Buckley’s, self-titled, 1966 debut marks the latest entry in the Rhino Handmade series. I have an extra copy to send to an AD reader.  The two-disc set includes both the stereo and mono versions of the debut, plus a second disc of nearly two dozen unreleased recordings Buckley made in 1965 with The Bohemians and in 1966 with frequent songwriting partner Larry Beckett. Check out the details, deluxe packaging notes, etc. here.

To enter, leave a comment with your name, a valid email address we can reach you at, and your favorite Buckley LP, song, video, etc. Winner chosen by Monday, CD will ship out next week.

64 Responses to “Tim Buckley :: S/T Rhino Handmade (Giveaway)”

  1. Favorite Buckley record at the moment is probably Goodbye & Hello (favorite tracks there being “Once I Was” and “I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain”), but then again I’ve never even heard his first record, so there may be more beautiful songs out there that I don’t even know about! And Lorca actually cuts a close second.

  2. All the stony people
    Walkin round in Christian licorice clothes…

    Gotta be “Pleasant Street”

  3. Either “Goodbye and Hello” or “Blue Afternoon”

  4. During my first Astral Weeks binge, my dad gave me his Happy Sad record, and I can safely say that record changed my life. Recently, I’ve been possessed by his Dream Letter version of “Love from Room 109 / Strange Feelin’,” when he channels a mockingbird singing on a hillside… his voice makes my insides dance like a circus. Buzzin’ Fly, though, will always be my favorite, if only because it so perfectly captures that feeling of happy sad.

  5. The first Tim Buckley album I ever heard was ‘Greetings From L.A.’, which is probably why it remains my favourite of his, and one of my Top 10 albums of all time. Huge call, but his 4 octave vocal range always boggles my mind and I’ll never forget first hearing it on that album. I recommended it to everyone I knew, but because nobody listens to me only 1 friend actually bought it. He hated it. Gutted.

  6. yes! how fantastic! favorite tim recording is the pleasant street/you keep me hanging on track from dream letter- and any and all renditions of wings.

  7. Dream Letter is my favorite! so good so real! cheers from argentina!!

  8. Dream Letter is probably my favorite – the presence of Danny Thompson really sends it over the top for me!

  9. Would have to say that Starsailor is my current favorite.

  10. Anonymous Proposition

  11. Buzzin’ Fly… love the version from Honeyman

  12. Get On Top

  13. I have to go for Buzzin’ Fly, too. If it was good enough to use on my wedding invite, it’s good for all occasions.

  14. Once I Was

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