Fine Recording Studio Gospel Highlights

The Fine Recording Studio Gospel Highlights: A vintage gospel compilation, its 25 tracks have aided an abetted many a cross-country trek since they came into my life several years ago. I included The B.C. Harmonizers “You Ought To Been There” on the latest Transmissions podcast, and a quick scan finds WFMU hosting the entirety of the compilation for download (gratis) via their website, including a link to the lossless versions. Yes, you’ll want to grab these while you can.

Note: The B.C. Harmonizers track also makes an appearance on the three-disc Fire In My Bones gospel compilation released by Tompkins Square Records in 2011. The Good News, indeed.

MP3: The B. C. Harmonizers :: You Ought To Been There

4 Responses to “The B.C. Harmonizers :: You Ought To Been There”

  1. ah man. hittin the spot

  2. wow! robust track, and the cover is mind-bending

  3. That’s my dad’s group lol…..this is blowing my mind! 🙂 And he was over thrilled when I showed him this site! 🙂

  4. check out this link for more B.C. Harmonizers recordings

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