San Francisco’s Ray’s Vast Basements new release, Starvation Under Orange Trees, may be the best little album to hit my mailbox this week. Actually, no, upon further absorption it is the best album I have received this week. M. Ward vocal comparisons aside, the Jon Bernson conceived project got its start when the Actors Theater of San Fransisco brought Bernson on board to compose music for Steinbeck’s Of Mice And Men.

After the theatrical run of the play ended, Bernson and company hit the studio to lay the tracks down on tape, hence the album Starvation Under Orange Trees. Look for a July release via Howell’s Tranmitter records.

Elsehwhere: Each Note Secure is digging the album as well. Similar info + another track.

MP3: Ray’s Vast Basement :: Not Just Mine
Ray’s Vast Basement :: The Story of Lee

www.raysvastbasement.com ++ www.myspace.com/raysvastbasement ++ howell’s transmitter

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5 Responses to “Ray’s Vast Basement :: Steinbeck’s Starvation”

  1. Download. com (http://music.download.com/raysvastbasement/3600-8575_32-100458613.html) has 3 nice songs from 2004 that can be freely downloaded PLUS a snippet from their truly exceptional, wonderfully laid-back and elegant “I can be alone”, which used to be available through the now defunct epitonic.com.

  2. What a fantastic couple of songs. Thanks!

  3. It is a really great disc. I was a big fan of Michael Zapruders Rain of Frogs so i am not surprised to see him all over this album as well.

  4. As always, yours is the standard we all seek to match. Excellent blog.

  5. Have you heard Bernson’s new record with Tim Cohen from The Fresh and Onlys? ‘Window Twins’ is definitely some new territory, and the video is great: http://www.vimeo.com/2118633

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