60’s Collection of Scarcest Garage Records :: Pt. II


The rare sixties garage-rock continues. Like the sixties French Freakbeat compilation featured back in April, the 60’s Scarcest Garage Records (pt. 1 & 2) is a compilation I often frequent that has little to no information to be found online. In the 21st century, this fact alone adds yet another element of retro-cool to its already smoldering 26 tracks. This is herky-jerky garage rock at its finest.

Like some of my favorite comps, this one was passed on to me, some time ago, from another sixties garage rock fan/collector, with only the caveat of “you just gotta hear this.” He was right – I did, and you do.

* * This is the second installment of four. Part one can be found HERE. Stay tuned for updates.

MP3: The Hangman :: Faces
MP3: The Romancers – Loves The Thing
MP3: The Jagged Edge :: How Many Times
MP3: Don & Jerry With The Fugitives :: In The Cover of Night
MP3: The Deepest Blue :: Somebody’s Girl
MP3: The Kings Ransom :: Shame
MP3: The Evil :: Always Runnin’ Around

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