The Soft Pack :: S/T

Do as I did and cue up The Soft Pack in your car, on cruise control, at a comfortable speed just above the posted Speed Limit (9/mph in my case). It doesn't feel like you're racing, but, with no one ahead of you or in the rearview mirror, the world still goes by at a blistering pace. As albums go, The Soft Pack truly felt like it was meant for that ride. Thirty-two plus minutes of sheer will-power, chugging along, on all cylinders but never struggling to keep up. When the last song finished, three minutes from my destination, I couldn't bring myself to select a specific track to repeat and finish the ride---I wanted the entire experience again.

The Soft Pack, even in their previous incarnation as the Muslims, never seemed quite at home with their Los Angeles (by way of San Diego) brethren. The energy always felt different, as is the case here. As albums go, this is one of force - and not force in the form of a push, but as in nudging you along for it's entire half-hour, gently prodding at your back. An invitation to keep on driving. Highly recommended.

The Soft Pack's self-titled LP is out new via Kemado Records. Video after the jump. words/ b. kramer

MP3: The Soft Pack :: C'Mon

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