Clash fans, should you find yourself traveling for Thanksgiving, might I suggest loading the following on your iPod for the trip. Between 1998 and 2001 Joe Strummer hosted his London Calling radio show for the BBC spinning his favorites old and new. Strummer described his show as the following: ‘My pick of music for the show reflects the music that I listen to all year round. I am constantly trawling through music and I pick out the best for the show.’

Thanks to the Radio Clash Blog you can now download the archives of Strummer’s London Calling in total. Kicking off with the King, immediately swerving into sounds from Zaire, this is a trip through Joe’s personal collection. Download and/or stream all twenty shows HERE.


7 Responses to “Joe Strummer’s London Calling :: BBC Radio 1998-2001”

  1. Wow, great find! I can’t wait to listen to these. Thanks AD!

  2. holy shit, thanks!

  3. Best way to spend today.

  4. Glad you like 😉

    And yes – wonderful shows. When you get through those I recommend any from John Peel, like the ones I posted recently, especially the BFSB shows 😀

  5. I always thought The Clash were a decent band. I mean, I was never really “into” them. Then, two years ago while on a long flight from the UK to California I happened to catch the documentary “Joe Stummer: The Future Is Unwritten”, and I *instantly* became enamored with not only The Clash but also with this new, strange, inspired, savage beast named Joe Strummer.

    Thanks for making me aware of this download!

  6. This is a real goldmine– Can’t thank you enough for bringing these shows to our attention.

  7. […] big thanks to Aquarium Drunkard for pointing out this cool feature on iTunes. AD also notes that the blog Radio Clash offers […]

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