Those of you residing on the west coast have an opportunity to catch Korean sixties/seventies psychedelic guitar guru, Shin Joong Hyun, at the Los Angeles date (9/28) celebrating Light In The Attic Records’ 10 year anniversary. Last year the reissue label released the Joong Hyun compilation Beautiful Rivers And Mountains, spanning the years 1958-1974. You need it in your life — and per the L.A. date, if we’re lucky, shit will go down like this…

Shin Joong Hyun & Yup Juns – 할 말도 없지만 (I’ve Got Nothing To Say) [from the Korean film “Miin”]

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  1. damnnnnn

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  4. It’s great to see a post about Shin Joong Hyun. Figured people might like to know that my label, Lion Productions (, is about to release his massive 1974 album, Shin Joong Hyun & the Yup Juns, ten songs w/tough grooves, fuzz guitar, emotive singing (mini-LP sleeve CD, 180 gram vinyl, and digital album) which includes a studio version of the song you’ve posted. FYI, the liner notes to both of our releases of Mr. Shin’s music (Shin Joong Hyun & the Yup Juns “S/T” and Kim Jung Mi “Now”) have a great deal of information about (and rare photos of) both Mr. Shin and Kim Jung Mi… Thanks!

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