Anton Newcombe :: The Aquarium Drunkard Interview

The Brian Jonestown Massacre may have just celebrated a 25th anniversary, but it's little surprise that there wasn't a big to-do, as Anton Newcombe has always believed in pushing forward and not looking back. We caught up with Newcombe via Skype last week, from his home in Berlin, to discuss (among other things) his thought on recording, the music industry and...war.

Aquarium Drunkard: So, you’re in the middle of recording a new record...

Anton Newcombe: Well, several of them, yeah.

AD: And the Jonestown one, since you’ve been posting a lot of the previews online via twitter and such, it looks like it’s the first time that the touring members of the BJM have been in the studio with you in a while. And you've got Tess Parks.

Anton Newcombe:  Well, all kinds of things are happening.  I just write. The band happened to be here to track after we played Manchester, so they did some stuff. Now Tess is here doing some stuff helping me out.

AD: Just this morning you shared "Fingertips" with Tess on vocals and it sounds great. You brought out a side of her voice that I’d never heard before -- she’s singing in a higher register, which made me think about how you’ve worked with so many different people on various projects and how you bring out unique things in them. How do you feel about that?

Anton Newcombe:  Well, I don’t know. You know that’s up to the song inspiring. She felt the same thing. I mean, we were just talking a minute ago and she said, ‘Oh, I can hit those high notes, I just don’t.’ (laughs)

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