Kikagaku Moyo / 幾何学模様 :: House In The Tall Grass


One of our favorite sleepers of 2016 — House in the Tall Grass, the latest long-player from Japanese quintet Kikagaku Moyo. Hailing from Tokyo, the group (whose name fittingly translates to “Geometric Patterns”) transmits its waves through a kaleidoscopic haze of acid folk and trance-inducing krautrock. Album opener “Green Sugar” lives up to its name, with its saccharine rhythm and faded vocals floating high above a grooving bass line. The track is followed by the  baroque, chamber pop of “Kograshi” and the shoegaze-y “Old Snow, White Sun”, whose barely audible vocals echo amongst a wash of reverb and delicate splashes of piano. It’s perfect, and these are just the first three songs. words / c depasquale

Kikagaku Moyo :: Green Sugar

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  1. I got to see them play in LA last week, they sounded just incredible.

    Any other Japanese bands I should look into?

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