The Tyde :: It’s Not Gossip If It’s True

LA's perennial coast and canyon outfit rinse the salt off with Darren 4, their first LP in 10 years. Two decades in, led by the Zelig-like Darren Rademaker, the Tyde remain kitted out in a unique,  often imitated, bouillabaisse of sound. It's not gossip if it's true. Kooks take note. Rademaker, on the video, below . . .

For our first video clip in 10 years, I wanted it to be as low budget as possible, I even considered making it on my phone. I enlisted my friend Alex Knost and we hatched a plan. He wanted to do it for one of the slower songs on the LP, so I chose "Its Not Gossip If It's True" -- a song about the reality of discussing things, and why hide it if it happened, etc.

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