Kassin :: Relax / Domenico Lancellotti :: Asas

The beat goes on. Alexandre Kassin and Domenico Lancellotti came up in the middle of the last decade as members of the +2s (along with Moreno Veloso, son of Caetano). The trio’s leadership rotated so that each artist got a solo album (“plus two”), and all three records that came of the enterprise are well worth tracking down.

Kassin :: Relax

Veloso returned with 2014’s overlooked Coisa Boa (which featured his +2 bandmates, as well as Rodrigo Amarante and Takako Minekawa), and after releasing solo records of their own in mid-aughts, Kassin and Lancellotti have both made their way back, too. Lancellotti released The Good is a Big God, a collection of sambas lightly dusted with electronic processing and occasionally rising into maelstroms of noise, on May 11, while Kassin’s disco-thumping carioca jammer Relax dropped the same day. Above, Kassin’s title track will take you through a hot Rio night, while Lancellotti’s “Asas” drags you out of town for the comedown. words / m garner

Domenico Lancellotti :: Asas

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