Mamman Sani Abdoulaye :: Kok Kok Kok

A delightful, hypnotic video clip of Saharan keyboardist Mamman Sani Abdoulaye has surfaced via Sahel Sounds' YouTube Channel. An extract from a 2016 DVD, Sani presides over his double-decker setup with a zen-like cool, backlit in soft red light and sporting a smart, white goatee under his Kufi. In this take of "Kok Kok Kok," Sani piles Chaî¯bou Ayerou's keening theme on top of itself, serenely tapping out a syncopated polyrhythm with a fluty synth. Once the arrangement has fully blossomed, it seems to take on a life of its own as Sani's hands press . . .

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