Maston ‎:: Darkland (Sessions from ‘Tulips’)


Those of you who caught our 2017 Year In Review may remember the inclusion of Maston’s cinematic lp, Tulips — a record we described as “a ‘70s film score on a hit of acid, Elmer Bernstein sweating through a bad trip only to arrive at an ecstatic come up.” And then some.

Today sees the release of Darkland, a collection of outtakes and unreleased material from the Tulips sessions. The set plays like an alternate view of the album; songs and ideas that were left over, a sort of a bonus disc or companion piece to the LP proper.

Speaking to AD about the material, Maston notes: “I was really surprised by the lack of sunlight during my first winter in Holland, so I would call it Darkland which then became the name of the first demo I wrote during that time. It was also the working title of the record when I first started writing. Some are full songs that didn’t make the cut (including what would have been the title track), some are just ideas that I never finished.”