Eric Dolphy: The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions

Eric Dolphy enthusiasts take note. November 23rd sees the release of Musical Prophet: The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions, via Resonance Records. Spread over three discs, the set includes both the Conversations and Iron Man studio albums, along with 85-minutes of previously unreleased studio recordings. Saluting Resonance's ten year anniversary, we caught up with label founder George Klabin. Below, he walks us through some of the stories behind a decade of stellar releases, including several Klabin personally recorded in the 1960s while a student at Columbia University in New York. We begin with how the forthcoming Dolphy project came to fruition...

Eric Dolphy: Musical Prophet: The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions

The intriguing component of this story is that the tapes that make up Musical Prophet are from the personal belongings of Eric Dolphy, which he left in a suitcase and handed off to his close friends Juanita and Hale Smith before he embarked on his fateful European tour in 1964 (he died while on tour and the young age of 36 years old). The jazz detective, Zev Feldman, found out about these recordings while attending the Monterey Jazz Festival in 2014, and shortly thereafter he connected with flutist/educator James Newton, who was given possession of the tapes by the Smiths a few decades ago and became a co-producer with Zev on this highly-anticipated release. Musical Prophet boasts a 100-page book full of rare and previously unpublished photos, plus a plethora of essays, interviews and quotes about Eric Dolphy from those who are passionate about his music and consider him an inspiration.

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