The Wailers :: The Record Plant | Sausalito, CA October 31, 1973

Quarantine Scene Check, Day Infinity (Sunday): The depths of AD HQ’s office closet beckoned. And like Hiram Bingham III, but hatless, I entered. The 7 year old’s pleas for FROZEN II dissolved behind me (I ignored them) as I fought past the aesthetic pleasures of BASF stacks and Scotch reel-to-reel tapes. And there I found it, the unsightly treasure: a cache of ‘90s Case Logic books. Dusty and done up in bible-black polyester, these relics of the 20th century are, when unzipped, lined with all manner of bootleg CD-rs, slightly yellowed — strangely like old paper — and bearing the resilient Sharpie scrawl that memorializes them. Accompanying, there are meticulous notes I kept, so singularly dedicated to posterity that one friend took to calling me, at 21, “the monk.” The vow of silence is over.

Here’s one that was later issued (formally) via the augmented 1973 KSAN-FM radio broadcast. More digs to come: James Booker, The Meters, etc. Stay tuned. Stay clean.

The Record Plant / Sausalito, CA October 31, 1973 (zipped folder)

Rastafarian Chant
Bend Down Low
Slave Driver
You Can’t Blame The Youth
Stop That Train
Kinky Reggae
Get Up Stand Up
Lively Up Yourself
Rude Boy Skank
400 Tears
Stir It Up
Concrete Jungle
Get Up Stand Up

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