Tune In, Zone Out :: Silent Ways

The second in our possibly ongoing Tune In, Zone Out series (the first installment is here), Silent Ways offers an immersive submersion into the depths of “In A Silent Way.” Composed by Joe Zawinul and made famous as the title track of Miles Davis’ first all-electric LP, it’s a song that doesn’t attempt to stop time as much as it attempts control time. Speed it up, slow it down, stretch it out, turn it upside down. Zawinul wrote the song as an exercise in nostalgia for the pastoral Austria of his childhood. But we’re not just looking backward. The central melody seems to rise out of the past, drifting like a smoke ring across the years, encompassing yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

“In my beginning is my end,” T.S. Eliot told us. “In my end is my beginning.” And, holy shit, he was right. Over the course of the two-plus hours of “In A Silent Way” versions gathered here (including covers, remixes, originals, etc), there are so many beginnings and endings that you might not be able to figure out which is which. It’s a meditative journey, but a pulse emerges occasionally, as “It’s About That Time” takes us for a ride on the mornin’ fast train from Memphis to Harlem. Go this Way for a little while … / t wilcox

Way Silent (Intro) / In a Silent Way / Shhh / Peaceful / It’s About That Time (Laswell Mix) – Miles Davis / In A Silent Way – Bernie Worrell / In A Silent Way – Machine Mass featuring Dave Liebman / In A Silent Way – Roy Ayers Ubiquity / In A Silent Way – Brian Rolland / In A Silent Way (I:Cube Dub) – Etienne Jaumet / In A Silent Way (Rehearsal) – Miles Davis / In A Silent Way – Joe Zawinul / It’s About That Time – Yo Miles! / In A Silent Way – Santana / In A Silent Way – Yang Jing / Christy Doran / In A Silent Way – Sebastian Volco & Pablo Gignoli / In A Silent Way – radio.string.quartet.vienna & Klaus Paier / In A Silent Way – Taylor Ho Bynum / In a Silent Way (DJ Cam Remix) – Miles Davis / In A Silent Way – Adam Holzman, Robert Irving III & Pandit Brij Narayan / In A Silent Way (Live) – Miles Davis / In A Silent Way – Glocal Report / In A Silent Way – Bitches Brew Preservation Band / In A Silent Way – Paul Davies – David Pouradier Duteil / In A Silent Way – Weather Report / In a Silent Way/It’s About That Time – Miles Davis

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