Silver Scrolls :: Music For Walks

A necessary transmission coming to us from the Polvo galaxy. Silvers Scrolls is a new project featuring two members from the pioneering Chapel Hill, NC band’s ranks—Dave Brylawski (guitar, vocals) and Brian Quast (drums, vocals, guitars, bass, organ). Music For Walks, just out on Three Lobed Records, is a marvelous offering that’ll easily please Polvo heads from back in the day, but offers plenty of fresh perspectives and up-to-the-minute jams. These songs stretch out and travel their own highways and byways, at times sparking a connection with the chiming guitars of Murray Street-era Sonic Youth, at others getting into a moody drum-machine driven groove. There are hints of that classic math-y sound, but also some unabashed rock moves, too—check out Brylawksi’s shredding intro on “Concrete Reprise.” Silver Scrolls brings considerable heat to whatever they try out. An auspicious debut, to say the least…words/t wilcox

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