Ezra Feinberg & John Kolodij

Multi-instrumentalist John Kolodij seems to be quietly slipping out from behind his High aura’d moniker. Next month sees the release of First Fire • At Dawn, a cassette (recorded for Astral Editions) of slowly blossoming compositions that sound like he slowed down the recording of an Appalachian folk ensemble tuning up to a gorgeous crawl, and recently, he unveiled a split EP with fellow audio explorer Ezra Feinberg through Ohio label Whited Sepulchre. For the first time, Kolodij is releasing both under his own name.

There’s no telling what inspired this move to be more front-facing with his work. Especially as this new material is just as nebulous and slippery as Kolodij’s work as High Aura’d. What distinguishes the two tracks on the Feinberg split is how he’s dialed back the influence of the American Primitive school on his work. Acoustic guitar still figures in the mix on “Beyond The Fragile,” but it becomes one more texture in a swirl of field recordings and ghostly drones and hisses. “Geometry of Space” moves even further beyond—a communication with the divine translated for our mortal ears with foggy ambience and, crucially, an incandescent sax solo from Dylan Baldi, front man for Cloud Nothings. | r ham

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