Spires That in the Sunset Rise :: Sax Solfa

Wisconsin-based duo Spires That in the Sunset Rise have been together for nearly twenty years, producing psychedelic folk creations that explore vast outer reaches. Members Ka Baird and Taralie Peterson’s forthcoming twelfth album, Psychic Oscillations (out October 9th via FPE Records) is the next chapter in their long-unfolding sonic story. As Baird and Peterson explain, it “…was written over a span of time which included a condensed period of focus during an artist residency at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, summer of 2018.” The new record is built on a foundation of cello, alto saxophone, flute, synthesizers, and voice, all of which can be heard on the record’s closing track, “Sax Solfa.” A six and a half minute cosmological ride filled with fading melodies and wordless vocal experimentation, it’s rounded out with a synthesized coating, providing a unique meditative soundtrack to one’s thoughts. | k fortinsky

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