Sten Bergman ‎:: Lyckohjulet

Loosely affiliated with the Träd, Gräs Och Stenar crew, Sten Bergman only released one LP — 1974’s Lyckohjulet — but it is an extremely sweet slice of vintage Swedish folk rock. He’s joined here by Träd, Gräs drummer Thomas Mera Gartz for a set of 10 excellent tunes that run the gamut from Basement Tapes-y rambles to moody, “Down By The River”-esque excursions. Bergman’s templates and influences are usually pretty obvious, but Lyckohjulet casts its own soulful spell, culminating in the dreamy closing instrumental “Sorti,” conjuring up visions of a midsummer sun over the Baltic Sea. This album is available digitally in various places, but it definitely deserves a proper reissue … | t wilcox

Sten Bergman :: Sorti

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