That Last Train Is Back Again: A Conversation with Cindy Lee

Born Patrick Flegel, musician Cindy Lee walks around Seattle chain smoking cigarettes while his brother’s band, Preoccupations, plays a set for KEXP. He is surrounded by huge concrete slabs and dons an orange ski cap. We spoke via Zoom and for a while, we couldn’t see or hear him. When we do, he sort of looks like someone without a cellphone. Someone who walked into the last Radioshack and stole a few things. He is not in drag. Not yet. He looks like a man.

‘Round About Midnight: A Conversation With Adrian Sherwood

We caught up with legendary producer Adrian Sherwood on the heels of his latest effort behind the boards: Horace Andy’s new album, Midnight Scorchers.

“I’m just very, very proud of it. We didn’t rush it. We spent two years making it. We started it before lockdown. And we kept improving it, so I was sending Horace back and forth to Jamaica. Let’s do this better. Let’s do this again.”

I Lost Something In The Hills :: A Conversation With Greta Morgan

When we learn something bad has happened to someone who has dedicated their life to performing, there is an extra weight that accompanies the sadness that strikes our hearts. Singer-songwriter Greta Morgan was diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia last fall, a disorder that affects the voice, and ever since, she has not been able to sing the way she used to — sometimes not at all.