Codona :: Willisau, Switzerland, September 1, 1978

Earlier this year, we shared a sweet Codona recording from late in the trio’s all-too-brief run. Here’s one from right near the beginning. This Swiss FM broadcast from 1978 captures Codona in full flight, with Collin Walcott’s sitar, Don Cherry’s trumpet and Nana Vaconcelos’ percussion weaving a magical web. The players waste no time getting right into it; the opening “New Light” is 16 minutes of pure joy.

Codona :: Blues Alley, Washington, DC, May 9, 1983

Courtesy of the great bigfootpegrande YouTube channel, this audience tape from Codona’s D.C. stop in 1983 captures two sets, each moment brimming with imagination and curiosity. A joyful noise, with multiple peaks, including a gorgeous “New Light” and Don’s West African train dream blues “Clicky Clacky.” All aboard …

Don Cherry :: It Is Not My Music (Swedish TV Documentary, 1978)

As a followup to last year’s phenomenal Don Cherry archival releases and book via Blank Forms, check out Det Är Inte Min Music (It Is Not My Music), a remarkable 1978 doc on the musician made by Swedish filmmaker Urban Lasson. Over the course of about an hour, we follow Don, his partner Moki and their kids from the pastoral Swedish countryside to the decidedly un-pastoral urban landscape of late-seventies NYC.

Don & Moki Cherry :: Organic Music Societies

Organic Music Societies, a new book (and its accompanying exhibit, currently on display at the Blank Forms gallery space in Brooklyn) is a fantastic and thorough documentation of Don and Moki Cherry’s time together, packed with dazzling art and photography, insightful essays, and illuminating interviews.