Felbm :: Cycli Infini

One of the most unashamedly beautiful records out now; it is, at times, so gorgeous that it breaks your heart. cycli infini spirals in and out of genres—minimalism, gagaku, new age, ambient, jazz, fourth world—all while remaining completely intact. One pattern flows effortlessly out of the last and into whatever comes next. The adventure of the album is listening as forms decompose and are reconstituted. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that the album invites you to be attentive to its changes and indifferent to them at the same time.

Felbm :: Tape 3/Tape 4

It’s November 3rd. As such, here’s a little something to assist in your embrace of “hygge” – if that’s possible – this season: Tape 3/4 — the latest entry in Felbm’s ongoing “tapes” series. At 14 tracks, the Utrecht based artist continues down the path set out in 2018, woodshedding material via 4-track. A homespun instrumental affair brimming with low key jazzscapes, here’s a taste…a rendering somewhat reminiscent of an alternate universe, lo-fi, Vince Guaraldi.