Flo & Eddie :: Capitol Theatre (10/29/75)

Real life human muppets on acid. Two nights before Halloween, forty-plus years ago, plastic-fantastic freaks (truly) Flo & Eddie exorcized all manner of demons and lesser deities at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ. Throughout the performance the pair talk shit about Carl Douglas’s “Kung Fu Fighting”, ape Mick Jagger, the Jefferson Airplane, the late Jim Morrison’s poet shtick and much, much more. The Turtles this is snot.

Flo & Eddie :: I Been Born Again

In 1972, Mark Volman (“Flo” aka Phlorescent Leech) Howard Kaylan (“Eddie”), original members of  The Turtles, took some time off from their gig with Frank Zappa’s band to record an album […]