Numün :: Book of Beyond

On numün’s excellent new album Book of Beyond, the synthesis of earth and space seems more complete. Indeed, the entire album exudes a kind of gravity, decidedly reminiscent of the wide-open melancholy of Bruce Langhorne’s Hired Hand. numün have perfected something like a space-age cowboy music here, plaintive and freighted. Even its sci-fi sonic filigree, the theremin trills and Mellotron moans, seem like signifiers of a future that has already been foreclosed.

numün :: voyage au soleil

Inspired by mankind’s visit to its nearest celestial body, numün’s debut full length voyage au soleil layers stringed instruments, percussion, and ambient sound. Featuring members of SUSS and Gamelan Dharma Swara, the trio’s debut lp suggests ever farther out trips into deep space, and deep listening.