Okay Temiz / Johnny Dyani :: Witchdoctor’s Son

A mind meld of epic proportions, in 1976 Turkish jazz percussionist Okay Temiz and South African pianist, bassist, and vocalist Johnny Dyani teamed up for Witchdoctor’s Son. Sharing original compositions, a Don Cherry cover, and re-arranged traditionals from their respective homelands, the pair deftly fuse the material into wild, free jazz freakouts.

Okay Temiz :: East Breeze

Fusing its eastern base with latin rhythms, de rigueur flourishes of psych and a second helping of sinuous funk, Temiz’s polyrhythmic stew effortlessly bends/blends myriad modalities. For a taste, tuck into “East Breeze”, a tune that immediately sets the table with a sinister bağlama riff (courtesy of Arif Sag) that floats above all manner of percussion… in addition to berimbaus, talking drums, zithers, finger bells, woodwinds, and a rather nasty synth line. Bon appétit.