Penza Penza :: Electricolorized

Electricolorized is a decidedly slinkier affair than its stomping predecessor, Neanderthal Rock. Panfilov still scribbles with his sub-basement guitar fuzz, but elements of easy listening, 60s French chanson, Joe Meek sound effects and tasteful David Axelrod-style jazz-funk are slipping into the mix. Still, Penza’s ultra-tight rhythm section never ceases to bounce.

Penza Penza :: Neanderthal Rock

At a quick glance, Penza Penza might seem like a lost 70s Zamrock situation, and perhaps that’s exactly as Misha Panfilov would have it. The Estonian composer and multi-instrumentalist has proven tireless over the past few years—we took his 2021 earthy jazz masterpiece, Days as Echoes, recorded with the Misha Panfilov Sound Combo, for several spins around the orbit and have since savored his recordings with Gloria Ann Taylor, various one-offs and collaborations, as well as his forthcoming score for the animated film Sierra, the tastes from which have been a symphony of synth fantasias.