PJ Harvey :: I Inside the Old Year Dying

PJ Harvey makes new sonic and literary worlds each time the tape recorder is on. Her 10th album, I Inside the Old Year Dying is a 12-song cycle sets Harvey’s 2022 verse novel Orlam to music, folding natural sounds and Dorset dialect into a set of eerie post-industrial folk songs.

PJ Harvey :: Let England Shake Demos

Eleven years after its release, a complete collection of demos comprising PJ Harvey’s seminal 2011 record, Let England Shake. Part of a sweeping reissue campaign, this collection fittingly precedes the upcoming release of Orlam, the musician’s narrative poetry and visual art publication. Peeling back the endless layers of Let England Shake is not only intriguing for the brilliant autoharp and brass arrangements, but of Harvey’s singular poetic lyrical themes: haunting reflections of wartime conflicts (past and present) and poignant imagery of old country England.