Sessão de Verão 3: Porta – The Old Man

Before the São Paulo bar and performance space Porta ever opened its doors to the public, Paula Rebellato, the co-owner, had a dream one night that she was visited by an old man. It was during the height of the pandemic and she was at a crossroads in her career, but in her dream an old man looked around the bar with approval, laughed, then exclaimed “Yeah, it’s going to be psychedelic!”

Sessão de Verão 1: Subterrâneo

There’s a certain pulse in São Paulo, unlike any city I’ve visited. The noise from traffic, helicopters, work crews, and vendors is constant and polyrhythmic. São Paulo often sounds and feels like it’s bursting at the seams. With roughly 12 million people in the city proper and 22 million in the metropolitan region, the megalopolis is loud – one of the loudest places I’ve visited – and this from someone who lived in lower Manhattan for over a dozen years.