Greetings from Paris. I’m renting an apartment for a week, walking around a city I haven’t visited in 14 years, discovering the new while trying to remember some of my old haunts from the late 90s. While I’m largely avoiding the Internet, I do want to share this nugget with you before I get back to it: Howard Nishioka’s “Carnivourous Dogaramus,” off his 1979 album, Street Songs. Along with a couple other records, this album has soundtracked my trip thus far—great late 70s, private press, psych-rock from Hawaii. Seek this album out; highest recommendation.

The vinyl rip below comes courtesy of our friend Nick over at the always excellent Ghost Capital.

MP3: Howard Nishioka :: Carnivourous Dogaramus

4 Responses to “Howard Nishioka :: Carnivourous Dogaramus”

  1. I enjoyed this track a great deal — sounds like like Buffalo Springfield era Neil Young on that guitar.

  2. Fantastic. Love the fuzzy guitar.

  3. i hope you had enjoyed paris again ! what new places did you enjoy ?

  4. the beginning of the song sounds like SONG 2 by BLUR

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