i’m just really content *right* now. why? i’m listening to The Evens cd I bought a few weeks ago and it’s just perfect. but that’s not the only thing ya see. the Evens are Ian Mckaye and Amy Farina. ian’s first couple of band’s — Minor Threat and Fugazi — helped steer my 15 year old ass away from listening to the likes of pearl jam and their ilk. not to mention a completely mainstream suburban mindset. to hear him moving in a different direction (with fantastic results) just…well, just kicks some ass. way to go. long live dischord. come play l.a. soon.
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ps – here is their video that they did for a children’s D.C. public television show for the vowels of the alphabet. ian is kind of a menacing/stoic looking dude even when trying to keep it “light.” truly odd.

spinning: the evens

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