The bar can be a beautiful place. The Aquarium Drunkard has saddled up to many a bar on many a barstool on many occasions. But there are two watering holes that keep him coming back and will always have a special place in his heart.
  • The Roadhouse – Athens, GA – zod grant me the courage to change the things i can and the fortitude to drink through those things i cannot. so yeah, that was basically my motto/creed in school. the roadhouse abides. this is my all-time favorite bar in one of my all-time favorite towns. no frills, dark, dank, rock ‘n roll, no bullshit, all bar. the bartenders (at least in the mid-late ’90s) had impeccable taste in music.
  • Boardners – Hollywood, CA – moving to plastic-fantastic land led me to my 2nd favorite bar. same qualities above except not quite as dark, serve food, relatively cheap swill, and equipped with a great jukebox. some of my best nights in l.a. have started and ended here.

spinning: nada surf – blizzard of ’77

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