The bar is now open. The staff here at the Aquarium have been working overtime to figure out the technology behind bringing you the tastiest (yet not riaa-kosher) streaming online radio possible. Think “Pump Up The Volume” only without Christian Slater…and I don’t live in my parent’s basement…and I’m not in high school.

Still working the bugs out (i.e. artist/track nametags) but the basic idea is here. This first batch is a random grab-bag o’tunes. Look for future playlists by genre, guest DJ’s, & my inevitable musical mood swings.

  • HUGE word of thanks to R3E for his support, technical guru-ness, connections, music-taste, etc. without him there would be no Drunkard Radio.
    *Birdsong Productions, inc. 2000-2005

    spinning: built to spill – keep it like a secret

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