Harold & Maude: Cat Stevens…Soundtrack??

after watching harold & maude tonight, the mrs. and i were surprised to learn that there is no official soundtrack available. cat stevens’ music is used throughout the entirety of this 1971 hal ashby film, and it would seem like a big $$ geyser to compile the selected tunes into one package. one can only assume there is a legal hurdle. anyway…here is the tracklist should you want to create your own uncomissioned soundtrack:

Harold and Maude Songs by Cat Stevens

  1. *Don’t Be Shy
  2. On The Road To Find Out
  3. I Wish, I Wish
  4. Miles from Nowhere
  5. Tea for the Tillerman
  6. I Think I See the Light
  7. Where Do the Children Play?
  8. *If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out
  9. Trouble

* taken from Footsteps in the Dark/Greatest Hits Volume Two

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