Sugar Smacks Ain’t This Sweet

So I just bought this Brendan Benson album in May, but damn if it’s not going to make my top 10 of 2005 list come December. Actually, in truth I hadn’t heard of this dude at all until I got this. I’ve since learned that he has some sort of “indie-rawk-detroit-street-cred,” but don’t hold that against him — this one’s too good to miss. “Power pop” is too overused, so I’ll just say it’s sweet candy and leave it at that. Two tracks off his new album to download below.

Benson plays The El Rey Theatre Tuesday night. If you’re an L.A. denizen you should check it out…I’m going to.

Download: Brendan Benson – Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Download: Brendan Benson: Alternative To Love