After the Bloodkin post i’m on an Athens tangent. The now defunct Star Room Boys were one of my favorite neo-traditional-honky-tonk country outfits until their 2003 demise. In their eight years together they released two fantastic albums: 1999’s Why Do Lonely Men & Women Want to Break Each Other’s Hearts?, and 2002’s This World Just won’t Leave You Alone.

This is hard country…nothing “alt” about it. These are old school crying-in-your-beer-because-your-brother-ran-off-with-your-wife-and-truck songs. I was really disappointed when they broke up, because no else is really making this kind of music (this well) anymore. Nashville wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

Sidenote: Star Room Boy, Johnny Neff, is one of my all-time favorite lap steel players. Sad and beautiful at the same time. For an example, download “Foolish” below.


MP3: Why Do Lonely Men & Women Want to Break Each Other’s Hearts?

MP3: Foolish

MP3: White Lies, Blue Tears

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