Everyone has a band they root for. An underdog. A band, who despite an enormous amount of talent and perseverance, remain obscure. Life in the minor leagues. The band I root for is Athens, Georgia’s Bloodkin. Practicing what they preach, for better or worse, for the past 15+ years of their creative career.

Some of the most haunted Southern literature never committed to paper.

Bloodkin is: religion, redemption, regret, a bar fight, pride, shame, spanish moss, bourbon, cornbread, a one-night stand, kudzu, driving at night, lust, cocaine, a roadside diner, salty tears, hangovers, the last drag, humidity, hope & salvation.

Selected Bloodkin Tracks for download:

MP3: Bloodkin – End of The Show
Mp3: Bloodkin – Jazz Funeral
Mp3: Strung Out Snake Handler Blues
MP3: Bloodkin – Liquor Ain’t Love
MP3: Bloodkin – Tennessee Willaims

For more Bloodkin MP3s visit HERE

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