It’s happened. I’m back on a Neil Young kick. This week’s discovery of a decent sounding recording of the unreleased “Time Fades Away” album has it’s hooks in me. Some interesting factoids/tidbits found on this site…

“There is a chapter in Neil Young’s history that is often referred to as his Dark Period. A time when his personal life appeared to gradually disintegrate amidst a series of mishaps and misadventures while critical career decisions seemed irrational and ill thought-out. Yet, paradoxically it has become recognized as one of the most artistically productive and critically, if not commercially, acclaimed periods of his life. A period that spawned a trio of outstanding released albums and a legendary unreleased album.”

“MOJO: After the overwhelming success of Harvest, your next new music was Time Fades Away, an abrasive-sounding live album from a 1973 stadium tour that you’d apparently rather forget. Over 20 years later, the memory of that tour and the subsequent record still seems too uncomfortable for you…

YOUNG: “Well, we didn’t put any of Time Fades Away on Decade, if that’s what you mean.”

“Audiences were treated to a show that featured an opening solo acoustic set followed by a rock set from the band. The material was drawn mainly from After the Goldrush and Harvest, along with a smattering of older songs and a batch of new songs. Part way into the tour Young’s voice began to give out.

As the strain of the road and the grief of Whitten’s death began to catch up to Young, the shows became more and more ragged and raw. A brief break halfway through provided a chance for Young to regroup; it was obvious that if the tour was to continue, something needed to be done. Young called up his friends David Crosby and Graham Nash for help, and they came onboard for the last month of the tour as backup vocalists and rhythm guitarists.”

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