I‘ m going to take this opportunity in Satisfied 75‘s absence to do what music blogs do best: I heard, you should hear.

Alejandro Escovedo is a rock star, legend, artist, songwriter, Austin music scene fixture, and, worst of all, not physically well. I was fortunate enough to visit him, once, at his home in South Austin. Right before I left, I said to him: “Must feel amazing to be named No Depression‘s first-and-only Artist of the Decade.” He said, laughing: “I saw a quote from Jon Dee Graham [former True Believers bandmate/current Austin singer/songwriter] about this. His take was ‘Thank God, the decade’s over.'” Once-fueding friend Graham appeared with Escovedo on August 6 and 7 at the Edmonton Folk Festival.

My point is this. Alejandro is alive and performing. He’s touring. He’s underrated and should be seen or bought. This is his most most recent recording with the Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra:

Download (unfortunately, it’s only a clip):
MP3: “Every Story Has An End”

And damn, it’s tough to hear this line: “There’s only one sure thing that waits around the bend.”

**The photo above was taken by someone else (who deserves credit) at one of Alejandro’s annual, free SXSW shows at Taco Xpress.

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