As a longtime bona fide Steely Dan freak, I was thrilled to see this unreleased, alternate version of the Gaucho album appear online (and up for download.) And free at that. This is Fagan and Becker in all their coke-rock sicko glory.
Dig this:
As to why so many songs were dropped from the final lineup of Gaucho, a case can be made that this early version was too close in style to 1977’s Aja – shorter songs, sweeter melodies and more accessible lyrics. The finally released Gaucho seemed purposely obscure, deep and complex. Was it to spite their record company MCA? Is it possible that The Second Arrangement was never erased but that Becker and Fagen concocted the story to avoid releasing what they thought was the better version of Gaucho? Listen and decide for yourself.
To download the lost Gaucho album go HERE…

3 Responses to “Steely Dan – The Lost Gaucho Album”

  1. The link to the Lost Gaucho album says the downloads are no longer available. I’d LOVE to get my hands on them. Is there anyone out there who downloaded them before who would be willing to trade or email some mp3 files to me? Please? I’ll be your best friend.

  2. […] is high-end and worth a sit down. He’s not so indie geeked out that he won’t run a Steely Dan post when he wants to. The weekly podcast is cool, as is the fact that the blog’s spun off a […]

  3. Steely Dan’s album Aja is my favorite album by them. Deacon Blues is the jam.

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