Part III of my ongoing 50 states project, in which I am pairing my interest in retro travel-postcards with music indigenous to each state. This time out the Drunkard enlisted a little help from AZ music blogger Kevin from So Much Silence. Kevin was good enough to pick out some AZ artists and provide some brief commentary on each. Enjoy, and stay tuned for Greetings From Louisiana.

MP3: Calexico – Not Even Stevie Nicks (live, audio ripped from WorldDrifts In DVD. (Tucson’s finest. No coincidence here: Stevie Nicks isalso from Arizona.)
MP3: Z-Trip – Tom Sawyer remix(This mix,putting the Rush hit on its head, gave everyone notice of Z’s superiormixing abilities. He lives in LA now, but we proudly claim him asours.)
MP3: Jon Rauhouse: Perry Mason Theme (from Steel Guitar Rodeo. The saint ofthe steel guitar. He’s recorded for Bloodshot Records and is part ofNeko Case’s touring band.)
MP3: Gloritone – Halfway (Released debut Cup Runneth Over on former RCAsubsidiary Kneeling Elephant. Compared to Foo Fighters. Always seemedto be Arizona’s Next Big Thing, but quietly — and sadly — faded.)
MP3: Meat Puppets: Backwater (There was no escaping this song in the ’90s.)

MP3: The Refreshments: King of the Hill theme song(Perhaps Arizona’s mostubiquitous and lasting contribution?)
MP3: Jimmy Eat World – Goodbye Sky Harbor (live, audio ripped from Believein What you Want DVD. (Sky Harbor is the name of the Phoenix airport,which makes this one especially close to home. The 16-minute albumversion on Clarity is mesmerizing.)

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