September of 2005. With less than four months left, it’s shaping up to be a pretty strong year for new music. If you read here with any regularity you’ll notice I love the quiet as well as the loud. Such is the case with Sounds Like Fall’s debut release The Wolf is at the Door. A vehicle for midwestern folkie, Joe Young, the album seamlessly blends it’s pedal-steel accented tunes with the immediacy of Young’s voice and a guitar. An album for Autumn, the delicate subtle beauty that is Sounds Like Fall.
MP3: Sounds Like Fall – Dust Pile
MP3: Sounds Like Fall – St. Majella
MP3: Sounds Like Fall – Pretty Little House
*Highly recomended to fans of: Jason Molina, Gillian Welch, Iron & Wine, Townes, early Josh Rouse, and acoustic Whiskeytown.
*Check out SLF’s label Yer Bird Records…looks like they have a lot of interesting irons in the fire…

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