Not the first John Vanderslice appearance on An Aquarium Drunkard, and definitely not the last…Part 1 of a 2 part post. The below tracks come from the Vanderslice Web site (which offers a generous slice of MP3s ranging from recent album samplers to the beginnings of his recorded material.)
Pixel Revolt:
MP3:exodus damage MP3:trance manual
Cellar Door: MP3:pale horse MP3:they won’t let me run
MGM Endings: MP3:august MP3:bushnell scope MP3:field guide MP3:lifeboat MP3:second skinMP3:behold a pale horse MP3:winter light MP3:bomb in reverseMP3:life and life onlyMP3:requiem MP3:motel of lost companions MP3:they won’t let me run, pt 2

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