Want to mention one of my favorite drummers/percussionists of today. On his solo debut, Stanton Moore, enlists the eclectic help of Charlie Hunter (eight-string guitar) and Skerik (saxophonics, kookification.) What they lay down is far jazzier than any of Moore’s past work with his full time gig Galactic. In case you’re hesitant, this album really comes off as a collaborative effort, and not 60 minutes of percussive theatrics. Check these tracks out if you’re into New Orleans funk, acid jazz, and the like.
MP3: Stanton Moore – Witch Doctor*^
MP3: Stanton Moore – Tchfunkta*
*Tracks can be found on Stanton Moore’s All Kooked Out! album…
*^A version Witch Doctor can also be found on the Galactic album Crazyhorse Mongoose

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