From NEWS 9/29/05
“We find ourselves on a bit of a hiatus here, as we contemplate our next adventure, and also try to heal EC’s left hand…he injured it a while back and it still hasn’t properly healed, so we’re currently dealing with that situation….”
Bloodkin – BLACK JACKET (…from the Creeperweed CD, released 1996.)
MP3: Bloodkin – THE UGLIEST PART (…from The Bloodkin Community Gospel Rehab CD, released 2001.)
MP3: Bloodkin – CUTE LITTLE GRAVEDIGGER (…from the Last Night Out CD, released 2005. DH sings and plays Telecaster. EC plays Les Paul Junior. John Mills plays bass. Kyle Spence plays drums. David Barbe plays keyboards. Written by Daniel Hutchens, Eric Carter, and David Barbe.”. )
MP3: Bloodkin – SOMETHING TO SAY (…from the Out Of State Plates CD, released 1999.)
MP3: Bloodkin – CHEAP SPEED (…from the Ravin’ Beauties CD, released 2002.)
MP3: Bloodkin – STRUNG OUT SNAKEHANDLER BLUES (…unreleased outtake from the Creeperweed sessions. Produced by John Keane in 1995. DH sings and plays acoustic guitar and harmonica; EC plays dobro; Chris Barrineau plays acoustic bass; Todd Nance plays shaker. Written by Daniel Hutchens. Also known as “Rock n Roll Sucks”. )

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