My Morning Jacket, 2002. I walked out of the Roxy in Los Angeles and told my friend we had just bared witness to a true throwback to the days of the full-on rock show. All long-swinging-face-obscuring-hair, sweat, and denim. Make that double denim. Had I not known better, I would have sworn Cliff Burton was on stage right. Having nearly a year to digest At Dawn prior to the show I was hooked…and the live experience only fed my jones. Fast forward a year a half (and a couple of ep’s later) to It Still Moves. Again, solid reverb-soaked Kentucky spun southern gothic weirdness. I loved it.

Now it’s 2005, a couple of original band members gone, and a couple in their stead. Having spent a few weeks with the new album, Z, I can say it’s good. Just a different “good” than I am used to. It’s cleaner, and plays with some new sounds (reggae) and different studio atmospherics. I look forward to many an Autumn listen, not to mention a live show. Who knows, maybe Jim James will even grow back his hair?
MP3: My Morning Jacket: It Beats For You (from the new album Z)
MP3: My Morning Jacket: Wordless Chorus (from the new album Z)

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